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Our Uniform Fund was put together to combat this problem, so that all the kids from the homes we support need not worry about it – they’re there to learn, after all. The beginning of each school season brings about a rush for children throughout the country to be furnished with uniforms, stationery, and other school equipment. Prior to this, we like to ensure our homes are prepared for it – whether we supply the uniforms ourselves, or extrude funding to the homes that require it.

Considering the astronomical costs of school uniforms these days, we don’t set a limit on the amount of children we intend to clothe, but budget for the minimal amount – provided it meets our goal of ensuring every child has one. Despite government grants that may be received by the homes, they are hopelessly Iinadequate for supporting and sustaining such a requirement.

How you can help us

As mentioned, the costs of school uniforms are high in today’s economy. As such, we only ask sponsors who have the available funds to assist us with a contribution for a single uniform.The costs vary from school to school (and per gender), and we factor in our often-provided bulk discount, which is a plus for all parties. If you’d like to know how much a uniform costs, please contact one of our fundraising representatives at the beginning of each uniform-season to learn more. Whilst we generally raise funds several months before a uniform consignment, we do accept donations for them at any time. As such, we are always ready to provide uniforms to our beneficiaries when the time comes.

As mentioned, you’ll benefit in terms of a tax reward for your kind contribution and in terms of SED if your business contributes to this Fund.