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Our Food Fund was designed to embed those words into our philosophy of how we treat people, and how we can drive change – with the help from the public-at-large. We’ve identified the need for children’s homes (our beneficiaries) that we support on a regular basis. In lieu of donations to them, we focus on Food requirements they have throughout the course of the year. We supply each children’s home with enough food to keep them going for between two and three months – however, this depends on their requirements at the time we consignment is arranged. Included in an average consignment is the following: maize/mielie meal, samp, rice, pasta, baked beans, tinned foods (such as pilchards and meat balls), various cereals (from Corn Flakes and Weet-Bix to ProNutro, dependant on the age group), soups, rooibos tea, coffee, sugar, cooking oil, long life milk, orange juice, Sunlight soaps and washing powders, toilet tissue, and more.

How you can help us

In order to achieve this goal of providing foods and groceries to our beneficiaries, we simply ask that you make a financial contribution towards this Fund, and spread the word to your friends and family. Of course, our organisation is registered as a Public Benefit Organisation with the revenue service so that you may claim your welcome input for a tax relief. We’re also BEE/SED-compliant, which means your business can score points on its next score card.

As in many other former British colonies, all South African private and public
Schools have a uniform, and it is compulsory in all public schools and in the vast majority of private schools for children above pre-school level. Without one a child may not be able to attend school. The concept of school uniform is believed
to serve two purposes – to instil a sense of belonging and pride in the school. As it is, thousands of children across the country do not have the privilege of having one at their disposal.