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The Last Hope Organisation original, founding goal was to provide children from various orphanage homes with the sights, smells, and guided tours of some of the most remarkable places in South Africa. We believe that it is essential for these children to learn about the things that walk and talk outside of human society. Over the years, we’ve taken over 500 children to various destinations in SA, mostly in Gauteng and Mpumalanga.

One of largest projects we’ve embarked on involved taking numerous children from three different homes to the Paul Kruger National Park for two days trip. All accommodation, food, and refreshments were paid for.

The children were treated to outings to destinations such Lions Park in Johannesburg. To date, this is our biggest excursion-based achievement. In addition, we have taken various children from the homes we support to the following popular destinations Gold Reef City, Lion Park, Elephant Sanctuary, Cradle of Humankind, The Johannesburg Zoos, The Nelson Mandela Family Museum.

How you can help us

Due to the fact that The Last Hope Organisation is also committed to the already-discussed Funds and projects, we still want to be able to commit to doing at least two day-trips or excursions per year. We normally get a quotation for entrance fees, food, transport, gifts/souvenirs, and other requirements for each trip in advance so that we may calculate the cost per child. Of course, we rely on the private sector and donors to help us with the necessary funding in order to treat the children on these trips and excursions. We will be more than grateful for your kind assistance.

As mentioned, you’ll benefit in terms of a tax rebate for your kind contribution and in terms of BEE if your business contributes to this Fund.