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It is unfortunate that so many kids in the country don’t have the simple opportunity of being able to celebrate Christmas, or even just an end-of-year party. It is one of our goals to give them this opportunity, making them feel part of a bigger whole. Every year, it is tradition for us to hold a special Christmas party for the homes we support on a regular basis. Depending on the various factors involved, we elect to either take the children to a restaurant for a Christmas Party, filled with a full Christmas meal and gifts from Santa (who is, of course, only applicable to the younger kids) We hand out gifts, and the kids sing Christmas carols, making the day come to life.

How you can help us

We appeal to you to assist us with the funds for gifts to be handed over to the children. Alternatively, we ask that you donate something you think a child would like to us directly. In addition, we also need to raise the funds to cover the meals for the children.