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One of the biggest concerns in South Africa is the quality of children’s education, or lack thereof. This problem is mostly seen within disadvantaged communities across the country. In addition, and as we have seen over the years, even those who do have access to public education don’t get their text books and other learning materials on time. It is because of these various never-ending problems that we have identified the need to introduce a Fund that will, at least, assist in preventing them.

How you can help us

We are looking at providing educational materials to those who need it most, and so we are not primarily selecting our enlisted beneficiaries as recipients. Rather, we are looking beyond their borders, and into communities where the education outcome is low, and requires sustenance in this regard. We need to raise the necessary funds on an on-going basis in order to do this. So we appeal to you to make a financial contribution toward this Fund. More information about how you can donate is discussed further on in this Profile. Every child has the right to quality education, and we’d like to be in a position to get them there. We currently focus on providing access to learning materials that assist in knowledge-growth for these children. These include, but are not limited to, text-books, activity-books, novels (as you already know, reading is the greatest thing for a young mind), and other learning materials alike.